A journey through the kitchen

My daughter, Erin, and I have decided to embark on a cooking adventure together.  We will be cooking/preparing all the recipes in the newest edition of "The New Best Recipes" from the editors of Cook's Illustrated.  Publishers Weekly, in their review of the book says the book is a "literal encyclopedia of recipes...is well organized and extremely clear".  This is what we are counting on, I mean the "well organized and extremely clear" part since neither of us are trained cooks!  We both love to cook (my love of cooking came way later in my years) and just the thought of learning a lot of new recipes is something we are looking forward to.  There are 1000 recipes in the book!  Given that there are only 365 days in a year, we would have to cook about 3 dishes a day if we are ambitious enough to cook all the dishes in one year!  But, we are not!  So, we invite you to share in our successes and/or failures as we maneuver our way through our separate kitchens, Erin in Chapel Hill, NC and me, in Melbourne, FL. Let the journey begin!

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