Cruise to the Bahamas!

I have always wanted to go on a cruise but there was always one reason or another why I couldn't go on one.  This year being our silver wedding anniversary year, my husband and I decided that it was an excellent time to go.   Well, this plan remained a plan for quite sometime until we went on a Valentine's Day dinner with several of our close friends.  We mentioned that we were planning on going on a cruise to celebrate our anniversary and would they like to join us.  Well, they all said yes and so this past July a group of 18 went on a 3-day Carnival cruise to the Bahamas!

Our friends and family on the cruise.  Another couple came with us but went ahead to catch a catamaran excursion.
From the moment we got on board the ship it was endless laughter and fun!  Most of us arrived on board just in time for lunch up on the Lido Deck!  What a treat...where else can you eat a full lunch complete with dessert and waiters presenting you with mixed drinks while you wait for the ship to sail to your destination?  We'd all be our laptops or phones if we were waiting for a flight at the airport resisting the urge to buy that $8 sandwich or the $3 cup of coffee!!!

Anyway, where was I?  Oh, so we ate lunch and headed out by the bar to wait for the rest to arrive.  We were told that our luggage (another perk of cruises that I love!) won't be delivered to our rooms until later so we took this time to simply relax and enjoy a Bahama Mama!  We danced to the band playing reggae and just relaxed.

Up on Lido Deck waiting for the ship to depart.
Enjoying drinks with friends before we sailed!
After we sailed, it was fun, fun, fun all the way!  And here's why!!

The kids enjoyed dancing with the wait staff!
They posed for almost every photo op!
Some of us were brave enough to sing karaoke!
We enjoyed our nightly towel animal greeter in the evenings.
We took shots of...
The kids went jetskiing
Went shopping on and off the ship!
Some played in a slot machine tournament and one of them won!
The adults painted the town red at Senor Frog!

When we were not doing any of these, we were either tasting liquor, jewelry shopping, enjoying a comedy show or two, relaxing in the hot tub, playing cards, trying to guess songs at the piano bar, or having a drink, or two, or more at the bar!!!

We just so enjoyed our first cruise experience that we have already booked our next one in November!. In the meantime, I would like to thank our friends and family who came with us and made our wedding anniversary that much more memorable.  

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