#12 of 13 in 2013 Race Recap: Promise 10K

I was looking forward to running this race not only because it was my first 10K but also because it was my 12th race for the year!!!  With Ralph out of town and none of my friends running it with me, I had to brave it and ran it solo.   Reluctantly, I got up when the alarm came on at 6 am this morning.  After a quick blueberry bagel and green tea breakfast, I got ready.  I arrived at the venue with only 10 minutes before the start time of 7:30.  Immediately I could tell that this was going to be a small race.  There were probably less than a hundred runners.  It also appeared that there were more people wearing the 5K bib than the 10K.  We started the run with a prayer instead of the singing of the national anthem.  This is a first for a race I've run this year.  We then lined up behind the start sign. There was no starting mat unlike all the other races I've run.  Again, a first for me.

My goal was to finish but not finish last.  The problem with these small races is that all the other runners are so much faster than I am.  I knew I'd be close to the end of the pack.  To top it all, this was my first run in two weeks!  I knew I would be pretty slow! I set my interval timer to 1/1 and decided I will have to run faster on the run portion and walk faster on the walk portion.  I noticed a younger runner with an interval timer and she had it set at a loud beep so I knew she was going for a 1/1 interval as well.  In the first two miles, I was behind her by 10 yards or so.  I decided that if I didn't pass her soon, she might finish before me and I will end up being the last runner!  I scrapped the 1/1 interval and just kept running until I passed her.  After mile 3, I never looked back.  I could hear the timer go fainter and fainter.  I cheered inside because I knew I wouldn't be last!   I was the fourth from the last!! After I crossed the finish line, I limped towards the refreshments because I had developed blisters in my left pinky toe.   Having had a slice of banana and oranges, I headed back to the car and headed home.  I didn't check my time until a few minutes after I arrived home.  Well, what do you know?  I placed second in my age group!  Oh yes, I was second of two runners with about 30 minutes difference in finish time !!!!  I told you it was a small race!  I went back to the park and claimed my medal!  I was so excited to have earned this medal.  I may never earn another place medal so I will forever treasure this one!
My first ever place medal!  Placed 2nd in my age group!

This race turned out to be a memorable one.  Not only because I earned a place medal but this is also my 12th race in 2013. One race away from accomplishing an incredible personal feat.  My next and final race for the year is the Space Coast Marathon on December 1st.  I pray that I continue to be healthy between now and then to run my first marathon!



  1. Congratulations on placing 2nd in your age group and good luck on your marathon!

  2. Thank you!!! I am both nervous and excited about it!