The year that was - in running!

Earlier this year, I made it a goal to run 13 races in 2013!  I am happy to report that I accomplished my goal!  I logged almost 400 miles in two running shoes.  I ate more Gu than I care to tell.  I ran distances I thought were nowhere near my ability to finish.  I also found a few favorite running gear/products. 1) Saucony Ride, a neutral shoe!  I ran my first marathon in them and I did not feel the arch pain that has plagued Runs 1-11!  2) KT Tape helped me run knee-pain-free. It has also helped with my plantar fascitis.  3)  CWX compression capris are the best out there.  It keeps everything from moving around especially the knee joints.  However, they are a pain to pull down and up and worse when you run long distances and are tired.  4) Gu gels for long runs...just because   5)  Power Beans for short runs 6) mapmyrun for tracking my mileage 7) Thorlo Socks are the best running socks for me, and 8) ProCompression socks are what I use after a race.  It works best in recovery.   Here are all my races.  I wrote race recaps in all but two, so please check them out.
  1. February 2 - Melbourne Music Marathon 5K
  2. February 24 - Disney's Princess Half Marathon 
  3. March 17 - Berry Patch 5K 
  4. March 23 - Re-Run 5K 
  5. March 30 - Downtown Melbourne 5K 
  6. April 6 - Pirate Plunder 2 miler
  7. April 27 - Melbourne Art Festival 5K 
  8. May 11 - Run for the Gecko 5K 
  9. July 4 - Firecraker 5K - 
  10. September 14 - Turtle Krawl 5K 
  11. October 5 - Disney's Tower of Terror 10 miler - 
  12. November 2 - Let's Get Moving 10K, Wickham Park 
  13. December 1 - Space Coast Marathon 
2013 Princess Half Marathon (first half marathon)

Disney's Tower of Terror 10-miler

2013 Space Coast Marathon (first full marathon)

So what's next?  Why, run 14 in 2014, of course!  Here's my race calendar so far.
  1. January 12 - WDW Marathon, Disney World
  2. January 26 - 2nd Annual Scrub Jay Duathlon, Titusville
  3. February 2 - Melbourne Music Half Marathon, Melbourne
  4. February 16 - Daytona Beach Half marathon, Daytona Beach
  5. February 23 - 26.2 with Donna Marathon Relay, Jacksonville 
  6. March 1 - Best Damn Race Half Marathon, Orlando
  7. April 26 - Melbourne Art Festival 5K
  8. July 4 - Firecracker 5K
  9. July 20 - Rock and Roll Chicago Half Marathon, Chicago, IL
  10. September 13 - Turtle Krawl 5K
  11. November 8 - Wine and Dine Half Marathon, Disney World
  12. November 30 - Space Coast Half Marathon



  1. What an awesome running year! You should join us for 14 in 2014! The details are here http://jillconyers.com/2013/11/are-you-ready-to-run-14-in-2014/

    I would love to be able to plan a Disney run in 2014!

    One more thing since I'm here. I also host a weekly link up, Fitness Friday and would love to have you join! This is the latest link up http://jillconyers.com/2013/12/2013-running-year-in-review/

    It's a great way to share your blog and gain new readers :)

  2. Thank you, Jill. Yes, it was a great running year and to think that I just started running last year! I am definitely joining you for 14 in 2014. I just filled out the form and sent it in!