Breakfast, Pinoy style

This morning, we broke the night's fasting with a sumptuous spread of typical Filipino breakfast dishes.  I wish I could say that my family eats this way everyday.  This definitely was a little bit more involved than our typical, oatmeal or egg and toast but well worth the preparation because it was to share with friends who had just spent time this morning cleaning up Paradise Beach in Indialantic.  Our small Philippine organization, Sanlahi, Inc., has adopted this stretch of beach and we go and clean it up on the first Saturday of the month.  It was a pleasure to have prepared this month's breakfast to those who came out to help out.  These are some of the dishes we shared this morning.

Garlic fried rice

 I simply fried 3 tbps. minced garlic until golden brown and remove a few to garnish.
Add 4 cups old rice and fry until done. 
Top with fried garlic and serve hot.
Fried dilis
Fried danggit
Pork tocino
Tomato and salted egg salad

 This salad goes with tocino, longganisa, fried fish, etc. and fried rice.
4 red ripe Roma tomatoes, chopped
3 salted eggs, chopped
Salted eggs may be found in any Asian food store.  Some stores will keep them in the fridge or on the shelf.
I usually cut the egg in half with a knife and then use a spoon to scoop the egg out and add to the salad.  I chop it up in the salad or chop on a chopping board then add.

Sprinkle with a couple dashes of fish sauce, juice of a couple calamansi or lemon.
Top with 2 tbps green onions.
Serve cold or room temperature. 

This is how salted eggs come packaged
Tsokolate (Philippine hot cocoa)

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