My classroom

July 2001 changed the course of my life when 
I took on the job as a high school teacher. 
Through the years, there have been surprises, frustrations, and sense of accomplishments.
 I have taught Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Integrated Science, Science Research and even Math!

I was born to a family of teachers.
My grandfather was a school Superintendent.
My grandmother, a teacher.
My mother was a teacher who moved up to become a Principal.
My aunt was a teacher who traveled for two hours to and and from work everyday for 35 years!
My husband's father was a teacher and,
I married one!

 I am proud to be a teacher. 
Proud to have followed in the footsteps of my mother whom
I loved and worked hard to emulate.

I love my profession.
As an educator, I hope that I have made a difference in the lives of the
hundreds of students 
who have passed through my classroom doors.

So now, I welcome you to my classroom - Room 16-104
where, for 36 weeks a year, 
I work to ignite student's interest in learning about Science- 
in learning to love Science!

Room 16-104

24 desk chairs

The clock on my wall -  47 minutes is how long we get to teach about science.

My attendance folder - The courses I teach this year.

My cluttered desk 

Can't miss showing off my Seminole pride!

A gift from a special friend, Shirley.  The words and prayers have guided me through the years.

A gift from my husband when I first started teaching!  Yes, we are first class.

Things on the walls!

Periodic Table of Elements - What elements do you know?

                 Won't hurt to remind them..                                       Setting high expectations!

My credentials 


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