Turtle Krawl 5K

     After a long hiatus from running, my husband and I ran the Turtle Krawl 5K in Indialantic on September 15.  There were close to 2000 runners and the course was great.  What I was not prepared for was the heat, and oh, running for 5K!  Not training before running is not a good idea.  Halfway through the course, I could feel my thighs starting to tighten and feel heavy. Nevertheless, buoyed by the excitement and the similar look of exhaustion from my fellow runners, I pushed on and finished the course in 45:34 minutes.  As one of my friends said, it's not how fast or slow you run, but that you do!

These are my running essentials:

1. My running shoes with #465 D-tag.

2.  #465 - My runner number.

3.  My shirt. 

4. ipod - loaded with running music including my power song, Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger".

Miscellaneous perks from organizers or vendors

Canvas goody bag filled with advertising supplement for future runs, a granola bar, a shirt and a D-tag

Another bag from Absolutely Natural

Drinks from Starbucks and Nathan's

Carb reload courtesy of Publix and other vendors. Running almost becomes worth it with all of these freebies at the end of the run.

Was able to snag this most plump chocolate chip cupcake.  Everybody was eyeing it as I walked to the car!

The results - 45:54 at a pace of 14:47 per mile.

My running hubby, I mean buddy.



  1. Thank you, Cyndi!!! It was rough last Saturday and I am still sore today. But, as they all say, no pain no gain!