Half-marathon training: Week 1

I have officially kicked off my training in earnest for the Disney Princess Half-marathon in February 2013.  I am following the run-walk method by Jeff Galloway. Although I am two weeks behind from his training program, it is not impossible to catch up with the pace.  I feel that I am not really a beginning runner anymore but I don't think I am a strong enough runner yet to set a time goal so I have combined the beginner/time goal programs.  At this point, my goal is simply to finish the race by the recommended time of 3:30!  Funny thing is, they ask you what your estimated time to finish would be when you sign up.  You cannot put a time  longer than 3:30 so I put 3:29!!!  This is my magic number!

Rundown of Week 1:  
  • Tuesday :  Warm up: 10 minutes; Run: 30 minutes; Pace: 15 min/mi; Miles:  2.1
  • Thursday:  Warm up: 10 minutes; Run: 30 minutes; Pace: 17 min/mi,; Miles:  1.94
    • Distractions:  caught up with neighbors running, stopped and talked so pace is longer
    • The pace doesn't seem to add up with how long and how far I ran, but I got these numbers from my ipods summary after I ran.  
  • Saturday:  Warm up:  10 minutes:  Run 1:10 minutes; Pace 17 min/mi; Miles:  4.1
    • Breakfast:  Post wheat cereal with non fat milk
    • Location:  along Lake Washington Rd.
    • Weather:  perfect; cool breeze from the north, temperature at 67 degrees!
    • Injuries:  none
    • Physical discomfort:  left pinky toes rubbing against 4th toe at around mile 3.  Remedy:  put vaseline between toes in the next long run.
    • After run intervention:  ate a piece of cookie while icing both knees for 10 minutes.
    • Advice for others:  do not go to a dinner/dance in the evening after a long run!  While only the legs were a bit tired in the morning, adding the hips and hands to dance the night away a few hours later was utter torture.  At least, I got a full body work out!

T minus 123 days!

This is the Jeff Galloway timer that I use and is set to beep every 30 seconds of walk/run interval.  


  1. I wear Thorlo running socks (they are padded at the balls of the feet and toes and on the heels) when I run. They make me feel like I'm running on pillows :)
    They are a little pricey (like $15 a pair) but realllllly worth it for the comfort. I would only suggest them if you have space at the front of your running shoes and your toes aren't already touching the top. I requested them for Christmas last year to help prolong the use of my running shoes because I really didn't want to make that ~$100 purchase for new shoes, so instead I went with padded socks and so far so good haha.

  2. I use those, too! I agree about their being great socks! A couple of weeks ago, I had to use my other kind for a couple of runs and the pain in my knees came back! I swear it is because I didn't have proper socks during those runs. I will definitely not run without using them again! Speaking of running, you should come and run with me at the Disney Princess half marathon in February. Jen Lindsay is running, I heard. She's a friend of our new teacher at Eau Gallie - that's how I found out:-)