Race #6 of 13 race recap: Pirate Plunder 2-miler

For the first time since I started running, I wore a costume to run a race!  I had fun dressing up that it almost made me forget my bib and timing strap!  It was a great race because it was a short race!  There were close to 1000 runners of all ages.   The number of costumed runners were just as numerous.  This was also my first afternoon race.  The horn sounded at 5:30 pm.  It was hot during the run.  On top of it all, I ran with my hair down, head covered with a bandana and a pirate's hot on top of it.  Before I even reached the first mile marker, I wanted to rip off my bandana to cool my head down.  I fought the urge and ran on.

This was also my fastest run.  I have never run a mile in under 11 minutes.  I actually thought that I broke 11 minutes for my overall pace, but obviously I didn't do the math correctly.  This was definitely a run I will do again next year!

Had to pose beside a "pirate"

With my teacher friends

These two ladies flanking me are great runners!