Race #7 of 13 - Melbourne Art Festival Flamingo 5K

I am halfway through my goal of running 13 races in 2013.  This weekend's run of the Melbourne Art Festival Flamingo 5K was race #7.   I ran it with a couple of my fellow Science teachers from our high school.  It turned out that teachers from the Math, English and Exceptional Education departments were also represented.

I can't say that I love this course because it involves running up the Melbourne causeway (bridge) twice!  When I first ran this last year, I was just new to running.  I remember thinking "why on earth do I do this to myself?" as I ran the first uphill climb up the bridge.   I hated it then, I hate it still!  I should really add hill training to my run repertoire!

As with any other run though, it felt great after!  It was even better this time because I beat last year's finish by 10 seconds!  Yay, me!  The after race festivities did not disappoint either.  There were fresh fruit, pizza, smoothies, bagels with cream cheese, donut holes, and oh yes, ice cold beer!!!

So the race countdown continues.  Next on the calendar is the Run for the Gecko Hawaiian Luau 5K.  I hope you all can join me!

Getting ready to run with fellow teachers from my school

We were all happy it was over!

First uphill climb!  Don't be fooled by the thumbs up! 
(Photo courtesy of Doug Carroll)

(Photo courtesy of Michael Tapes, Leslie & John Redrup)

Pizza and beer after the race!
(Photo courtesy of Michael Tapes, Leslie & John Redrup)

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