Changing course

As many of you know, Ralph and I have been training for the Walt Disney World Marathon on January 11, 2014.  This would have been our first ever marathon.  Well, this race will no longer be our first, but our second marathon.  We have decided to change our registration to the Space Coast races on December 1st from the half to the full marathon. Have we gone bonkers???  Well, yes we have, it seems.  Okay, here's the rationale behind it and it does make sense.  Our Jeff Galloway training schedule for the WDW marathon puts us to run 23 miles that weekend.  Initially we were going to run the half on December 1st and run the 23 mile training run the following weekend.  After careful reconsideration, we decided why not just run the 26.2 miles and be done with the 23 mile training run with a 5K mixed in!  No big deal adding 3.2 miles to our training run, ha!  Honestly, I have had some major doubts about our being able to run the full this soon.  However, I believe that with proper training, we can do it.  I am now mentally prepared and looking forward to running and finishing the race.

2013 Space Coast Marathon Medal


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