#10 in 2013 - Turtle Krawl 5K

The Turtle Krawl 5K at Nance Park was my 10th race in 2013.  This is touted as running for the turtles and how fitting since I still run almost at a turtle's pace!  Although I did not PR this year, I shaved off almost 9 minutes from last year's time! That was all I really wanted to achieve on this race and I did.  What made this race even more special was that two of my best friends and a fellow teacher ran the race as their first ever 5K!   It makes me so happy that I have encouraged my friends to try running.  They may not continue on with any more but at least I got them to go out and try!

There was nothing new about the race; same course, same heat, same awesome t-shirt, and the same overall well organized event.  What was different was that there was a record close to 2200 participants this year! The organizers did an excellent job at getting these many runners to the start by providing shuttles so that there was no jockeying for limited parking spaces closer to the venue.  The after race food and refreshments was a aplenty that from the looks of it, no came out hungry or thirsty after.  They even had coconut water!  As for my running what was different was that I didn't feel like I was dying from exhaustion this time around.  I also did more running than walking, thus, the faster finish.  I can attribute this easily to having run at least 9 races since last year and putting more miles on my running shoes in preparation for my first full marathon in December.  This will definitely be an annual race to run for my husband and I in support of the Sea Turtle Preservation Society.

I look forward to running more races with my friends and maybe you may want to run along with us.  I also look forward to completing 3 more races to achieve my 13in2013 goal!

Next race, Disney's Tower of Terror 10 miler on October 5! 

With two of my friends, Nahid and Monica.  This was their first 5K ever!

With my fellow teachers, Natalie and Michelle.  This is Michelle's first ever 5K and I am so proud that she came and conquered the race! (Photo courtesy of Natalie Marshall)

A sea of runners, getting ready to run for the turtles! (Photo courtesy of Natalie Marshall)


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