Marathon training update

On July 2nd Ralph and I started training for what would have been our first marathon at the WDW Marathon weekend in January.  About two months ago, Ralph and I decided to change courses and run the 26.2 miles in the Space Coast marathon on December 1st.  After the initial fear and the what-was-I-thinking mode, we have gone into full swing in training.  Here's a quick recap of training thus far, including training for WDW:

Training method used:  Galloway
Interval used:  1:1 run:walk
Weeks in training: 13
Weeks to go: 9
Total miles run: 112
Longest run:  15 miles
Fastest pace: 12:21 mm
Slowest pace:  15:13 mm
Roadkill seen: 1 squirrel
Rained on:  once
Used the bushes to do number 1: 1 (Ralph, by the way)
Longest time without going to the bathroom:  3:48:26 (me)
Injuries: None
Aches and pains: plenty
Blisters: pinky toe (me)
Bleeding nipples:  none (thank you, Bandaid)
Favorite fuel during runs:  Power Beans and Gu gels
Weird experiences:  loss of appetite after a long run
Post run refueling: Silk chocolate milk or protein shake with bananas
Pre run energy favorite:  slice of plain bagel
What not to do before a long run:  put cheese on your bagel
Worst part of training: 5 am wake ups on Saturdays!
Best part of training:  end of any run!
Newly found favorites:  full compression socks after a long run!
Amusing event #1:  Ralph busting into a dance move during our walk intervals
Amusing event #2:  Ralph breaking into a song during long runs!
Best cross training workout:  Strong!
Days wasted after long runs: 1
Next run:  10 miles
Biggest fear to date: getting hurt when we run 20 miles in November
Best lesson:  Put one foot in front of the other and just do it.
What's next: Why, keep running, of course!