Food art!

Halloween gives us the license to be creative.  
We come up with the best outfits and parade happily 
around the neighborhood holding buckets out 
for candy treats; 
while others simply dress up to celebrate with friends.
It seems appropriate then that
I tap into my Anatomy and Physiology students' creativity 
to prepare food items that represent human body parts.  
Year after year, they come up with the most creative,
almost life-like works of food art.
It would be sacrilegious not to share them, so here they are.  

The lungs 

An eyeball

Are you grossed out yet??  Enjoy a slice of a large intestine!

Pearly whites - say cheese!

An arm!

Care for some brains?  

Wiener head!

A body farm!

Hand bones!

A rib cage protecting organs of spaghetti!

Two kidneys and a bladder!

Erythrocytes aka red blood cells.

Long bones!

Oreo truffle eyeballs!

Another eyeball - the green eyed kind.

6 - pack!

 Broken, bleeding finger!

Casualty of .... halloween!



  1. Wow I'm impressed with some of those skills!
    Even though they grossed me out haha; I particularly liked the "teeth" with the plaque haha gross!

  2. This year's group did really well. We had quite a variety of "body parts" and they were all well made. I didn't even think that those teeth had plaque! Nice eye for the details:-)