Lessons learned from running - so far

98 days before the Disney Princess Half Marathon!

Having sped through the third week of half-marathon training has taught me some lessons in running. 
  • Map your runs so you don't run more than you planned to.  Not that this is entirely a bad thing but it could be dangerous if you are not prepared in terms of hydration and energy replenishment during these runs.
  • Invest in high quality socks.  I use Thorlo socks and swear by them.  When I started running, I had some recurring knee pain.  After I got hold of these socks, I have run 6 miles in them without even the need to ice my knees after.
  • It's okay to run without your ipod in your ear.  The last long run we took was without music and I didn't miss it.  I was able to stay in tune with my body, especially my knees and hips, during the run.  I observed the beautiful houses along our route.  Occasionally I would look up to watch the birds that flew overhead.  I used to think that I would need the music just so my mind would not give up on me before the run was over but I ran over an hour without ever thinking when will this run end! 
  • The difference between 5 miles and 6.5 miles is all in your head - NOT.  If it seems farther than you think, it's because it is! 
  • Jeff Galloway's run-walk-run method is an excellent strategy.  I would not have been able to run longer than 3 miles if not for this method.  
  • Do not run during trash pick up days.  The funky smell hits you before you even get next to them.
  • Do not run just because a dog or two starts barking and running towards you.  Pretend like they don't scare you and by all means, stop running!  At the very least, immediately look around for a stick that might be used as a weapon against even the cutest puppy!
  • When there is a storm coming, and the clouds are starting to form, don't pretend that you can outrun the clouds because you can't.  If you really have to, plan on not bring all your electronics so they don't get wet.

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