First Fitness Friday post!

I am so excited to write a post for any link up, ever!  Yay me! I'm moving up on the blog experience!  Well, here goes.  I live in east central Florida and am off from work for spring break.  If you have been following the weather in our neck of the woods, we have had record breaking lows for three mornings in a row.  In Melbourne, we even had record low highs in the afternoon last Wednesday!  Needless to say, if I were visiting from up north, I would call this weather heaven!  However, if you are from around here, this was downright freezing!  I visited friends in Orlando in the early part of the week and it was crazy to have to wear a jacket to hang out at Universal City Walk on Tuesday evening. 

The weather would have been perfect for running but I only got to run 8 miles this week so far.  However, I walked for miles while I was in Orlando.  These are shopping miles, mind you, but they were good miles, nonetheless.  I will run a 5K tomorrow to end the week and celebrate Easter.

Lastly, I still have marathon in my bucket list but I felt like the runner in the picture several days this week. Replace the cupcakes with oatmeal instead!



  1. Best of wishes on your marathon..looking forward to reading the recap.

  2. Welcome to Fitness Friday! Hope the weather warms up soon ;)

    1. Thanks. I hope so, too! In no time, I'll be writing that it's too hot and humid to run!