Race #4 in 2013 - JLSB Re-Run 5K

I ran my 4th race for 2013 at the 4th Annual Re-Run 5K sponsored by the Junior League of South Brevard last Saturday.  This is the first time that I've run this race and truly enjoyed it.  There were runners dressed in 80s garb including colorful tights and poofy hair!  It brought me back to my high school days!  I couldn't find anything of  the 80s in my house so I wore the tank top.  Pitiful, I know, but at least I had the colors of the 80s????  Oh well; but there you go...#4 of 13 is in the books!

With my co-teacher, Natalie Marshall.  Yes, that's the New Kids on the Block photo on her shirt.  

I couldn't help but take a picture of the grab bag because I have never had one with sunscreen lotion, pens, mini flashlight and a toothbrush in it!!!

Don't be fooled by my race number but there were still at least 300 people who ran.

Placed 5th in my age group but my slowest of the three 5Ks I've run this year.  I had no excuse except that I don't like to run bridges!


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