Race #3 for 2013 - Berry Patch 5K

For the second year in a row, I ran the Berry Patch 5K.  This year the race fell on my birthday which is also St. Patrick's day!  At race start, the temperature was a cool 52 degrees.  My younger daughter, Megan, Rita Chavez and her boys, Chase and Carson, and Gloria joined me this year.  Since this event coincides with the Annual Strawberry Festival sponsored by the Habitat for Humanity, runners were treated to a plate of strawberry pancakes and sausage after the race with coffee from Dunkin Donuts.

Just like any other 5K that I've run, I go in never thinking that I am running a race.  I'm there just to run. I love the feeling of exhilaration after the run that it doesn't matter what time I finish.  Oh, don't get me wrong.  For a split second I would think that I should run faster to beat my previous 5k finish times but somehow that never works!  I did finish under my time last year by a mere seconds but it is enough for me.  I finished at 37:34, a decent 12:06 pace.

Megan, Chase and Carson earned medals in their respective age groups!  Rita and Gloria also finished with good time finishes!  I appreciate their running with me to celebrate my birthday.  Till next year, ladies, I hope.

Looking forward to Race #4; the ReRun 5K on Saturday!

My daughter, Megan, and me before the race.  

And we're off!  (Photo courtesy of Reuben Chavez)

Between miles 1 and 2 (Photo courtesy of Reuben Chave

At the finish! (Photo courtesy of Reuben Chavez)

Chase, Carson, and Megan with their medals (Photo courtesy of Reuben Chavez) 

Rita and Gloria came to celebrate my birthday run with me (Photo courtesy of Gloria Abad Suan)

Photo courtesy of John Redrup (Habitat 5K)


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